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Presentation of main themes can alter the audience’s perspective on characters. In William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet and Franco Zeffirelli’s movie version of Hamlet there are apparent differences between the presentation of the theme death. A key difference between the play and the movie is how each medium showcased the character’s deaths. In turn, this changes the audience 's point of view of the characters and their traits. The differences between the execution of the deaths in the well known play Hamlet and Franco Zeffirelli’s cinematic interpretation of Hamlet are through the portrayal of Hamlet (I)’s death and funeral, the hysterical grieving of the Queen and Ophelia, as well as the perspective on the death of the royal couple which reconstructs the understanding of the characters and their personalities. Comparing the play and the movie, Hamlet (I)’s death is revealed differently. In the opening scene of the movie, Act I scene i, the audience sees Hamlet (I) lying in a coffin at his funeral. The funeral is held at Elsinore castle in Denmark. In the film version of the famous play, the Queen is hysterically crying, throwing herself onto the casket. The…show more content…
In Act V, scene ii in the play, it is every man for himself - kill or be killed. Claudius yells at Gertrude not to drink the wine and she seems oblivious to the poison. King Claudius says “Gertrude, do not drink” and the Queen replies “I will, my lord; I pray you pardon me” (Shakespeare V.ii.282-283). It is suggested that Claudius loves Gertrude as he attempts to stop her from drinking the poisoned flagon of wine. However, in the movie Gertrude’s character’s facial expression appears to know that the drink is poisoned, as if sacrificing herself for Hamlet, exemplifying her maternal instincts. This motherly trait adds more depth to her character and takes away from the incest suggested in the

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