Hamlet Ghost Character Analysis

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Analyzing the Ghosts of Hamlet’s Father and Atsumori
How do authors create characters from the dead? A story with a ghost truly breaks a wall down when reading a story. The ghost character provides the reader with a new feeling of emotion that can completely reshape the storyline. To provide baseline characteristics of a ghost character I am comparing the ghost scene in the story Hamlet and ghost story Atsumori. I will be looking for how does a ghost being a character and portrayed in a certain way affect the storyline for example in Hamlet the ghost of his father may have driven him to insanity, how can the physical and social attributes of a ghost in a story affect a main character mental state, and comparing the ghosts’ motivations and how
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In Hamlet the ghost of Hamlet’s father comes to him with the idea that he should kill his uncle, “Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder…..The serpent that did sting thy father’s life, Now wears his crown,” (Shakespeare 167). Hamlet’s father most likely already knew that Hamlet was upset with his mother and uncle’s new marriage and would be able to carry out the task of avenging his father at the downfall of his uncle. In the story of Atsumori Kumagi no Naozane is seeking salvation for killing the warrior Atsumori in combat. Atsumori comes to him and offers the salvation that he seeks, “No, Rensei is not my enemy. Pray for me again, oh pray for me again,” (Seami 505). The ghosts’ motivations in these cases are very different in the way that one is seeking revenge for a wrong death and the other has come to terms and offers salvation. The ghosts both want a conflict to be resolved but they require the assistance of the living. In the end Atsumori decides that Kumagi no Naozane is his friend and forgives him for killing him. But the end of Hamlet does not go exactly as Hamlet’s father would have hoped. Th ending of Hamlet does result in Claudius dying but not by Hamlet’s hand, so does Hamlet’s father get avenged or is he doomed to be imprisoned for the rest of his afterlife. The question being in the end were the ghosts’ motivations resolved and would the failure be due…show more content…
The ghost of Hamlet’s father caused Hamlet to start to rethink the views he had for his uncle. Hamlet was given major character development after this event and even contemplated becoming a murderer. The ghost scene in Hamlet is a deciding factor in how the story runs its course, this scene creates Hamlet the madman. By the storyline revolving around this key scene you cant help but wonder if anything would have happened the same if Hamlet had never found out what had happened to his father. Shakespeare used the dead to decide the future of the living. He truly demonstrated how much the dead can change everything. The same is true in Atsumori, the ghost of Atsumori forgiving Kumagi no Naozane will affect the rest of his life. Kumagi no Naozane can now live on not having to always feel the guilt of killing Atsumori. The way that these authors were able to allow the dead to cause such major character development and become major characters in these stories reminds us to take care of the dead just as much as we care for the
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