Hamlet Film vs. Writing

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Shakespeare’s famous play Hamlet contains many symbolic instances, is well portrayed by its rendition in cinematic format because of its attention to detail, as well as having significant differences. In his time, the topics that Shakespeare often addressed were both advanced and frowned upon within the confines of his society. They were advanced in the sense that even today, we still face the same types of conflicts and issues that he wrote about hundreds of years ago. However, Shakespeare’s work was problematic during his time period because he utilized his plays to question the social norms and stereotypes of the Elizabethan era. Creating incredible works by playwright, Shakespeare brings to life a play involving tragedy, anguish, love, loss and deception, intertwined together to generate the pronounced piece, Hamlet.
William Shakespeare was known for extensive use of symbolic representation in his plays and Hamlet is no exception. This symbolism can first be found when Claudius and Gertrude get married after the sudden death of Hamlet Sr. This marriage represents disloyalty...
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