Hamlet Figurative Language Essay

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William Shakespeare is a renowned Sixteenth Century poet and playwright, whom has written

great pieces. His artsy has inspired multiple people around the world. Shakespeare has written

great plays such as “Romeo and Juliet”, “Othello”, “Caesar”, etc. Many plays and movies have

been based off of his great work. “Hamlet" is also one of his great plays. It is full of mystery,

action and drama. Shakespeare also filled his plays with many different types of imagery.

Reading the plays you will find many types of symbolism. In this paper, there will be discussion

of the figurative language of “Hamlet” like metaphors and similes. "Hamlet is without question

the most famous play in the English language: the most often performed, read,
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It was also

printed in the year after. “First printing 1603” (Online-Literature).3 The play, having many fans,

was printed so the public could read the thrilling words Shakespeare wrote. “One of the more

accessible Renaissance early modern periods texts.” (Online-Literature).4 The play was written

and printed in many different languages. Languages include English, Spanish, Latin, Italian, and

others like that. ““Hamlet” is filled with many accounts of imagery and symbolism, focusing

prominently on images of disease, death, and decay.”( Hamlet-Shakespeare).5

“Prince Hamlet of Denmark is urged by his father’s Ghost to avenge his murder at the hands of

the dead king’s brother, now King Claudius; to make matters worse, Claudius has married the

widow, Hamlet’s mother, Queen Gertrude.”(ENotes).6 “Hamlet” is based on a story line of the

King of Denmark being slayed by his brother, King Claudius. The murder of the king wasn 't

handled well by Hamlet. A

ghost of Hamlet’s father informed him that Claudius had been the murderer and how he wanted

to be avenged. King Claudius murdered his brother and then married his wife. So not only did
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"All that lives must die, Passing through nature to

eternity." (Gutenberg).8 Those were Queen Gertrude 's words on the death of her late husband,

The King. "Hamlet is often regarded as a "problem play," one that contains unresolved issues."


“Hamlet” is filled with many accounts of imagery and symbolism, focusing prominently on

images of disease, death, and decay. So much imagery has been put in Shakespeare plays. There

is even more in Hamlet. So many factors come in the plot of this story. There are also a lot of

metaphors. “A good many of the sickness images are merely designed to lend atmosphere”

(Gale).10 The image of sickness and disease are to make you think of the atmosphere. It helps set

the plot in where the setting is. You start to think of a dreary looking area or small town. The

setting seems dark and droopy. It seems sad and lonely. "Shakespeare offers a vivid depiction of

decay and stench by employing imagery of cancerous infection, "the rank sweat of an enseamed

[greasy] bed / Stewed in corruption," rotting flesh, and the sun as an agent
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