Hamlet Essay: Why Hamlet's Father Is Dead?

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Hamlet 's father is dead! How could this ever happen? It all started when he went out into his garden to check up on his plants and make sure everything is ok and up to speed, well then comes a snake. The snake comes up and bites him and within seconds Hamlet 's father is lying there dead, not a single breath left in him. Everyone is sad that this happened so quick, and no one expected this to happen in a million years. But later to find out, he didn 't get bit! The news spread quickly after Hamlet found out what was going on. Another person killed Hamlet 's father! A ghost now wanders above the castle and is haunting the place. The only person that knows how Hamlet 's father got killed is Hamlet 's father. He leaks out the news to hamlet on top of the castle and says that your…show more content…
Once that is taken care of they send Hamlet away to england to die. To make sure that Hamlet gets on the ship, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are sent with with him. But Hamlet can feel something suspicious going on. And he knows there 's a trap, so he figures out a plan to kill the guys making sure he dies. So his plan works! He takes the note that is given to the guys with Hamlet and replaces their names with Hamlet 's name. So when Rosencrantz and Guildenstern hand over the note they are killed right there. So hamlet heads back and he receives a letter from laertes. And the letter states that he wants to challenge Hamlet to a sword fight. Hamlet agrees to the fight. But like the rest of the deaths that happened there was another trap that happened. Laertes has poisoned the end of one of the swards that way while Hamlet is poking him with the sward with the fake tip, Laertes will slice open Hamlet and let the blood get into his system and kill him. And if that doesn 't work they have a backup plan which is to put a poison rock into the cup of wine and to celebrate his winnings he will toast with the wine and he will also die that way. But nothing goes as
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