Hamlet, By William Shakespeare

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In most of William shakespeare 's plays the theme of tragedy is well emphasized. In his play Hamlet, this theme of tragedy has been observed again. The protagonist, Hamlet faces many dilemmas that lead him to undergo many transformations in his personality such as: before the stress of avenging his father he disliked the relationship of the queen and Claudius but after he was introduced with this duty he turned his dislike into the feeling of vengeance towards Claudius, He pursued his burden by acting insane but, later on this acting deeply impacts his nervous system and forces his sanity to lose control. Earlier in the play Hamlet had respect for his mother, but after her continuous act of defending his nemesis, Claudius, Hamlet loses the respect he had for her. In the early phases play it is seen that Hamlet has no personal grudges or feelings against his uncle, Claudius. In his first soliloquy it is observed that he has no feelings of revenge towards his uncle. Later on, Shakespeare establishes the theme of revenge by introducing a character to the play, the ghost of Hamlet’s father. Hamlet’s father reveals the truth about his death, he tells hamlet,” Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder”(1.5.25). In this quote Hamlet’s father is instructing him to revenge his foul and unnatural murder. After hearing this Hamlet gather all his pain and sorrow he suffered since his father 's death and turns it into the emotions of revenge. He replies to his father by saying ,”As meditation, or thoughts of love, may sweep to my revenge” (1.5.30-31). With this quote Hamlet convinces his audience that he would avenge his father no matter what circumstance. He expresses that he would not bring his love or peace in the way of his revenge. Th... ... middle of paper ... ...nd upset as she asks for a reason for his rude behaviour. This act of Hamlet shows the audience that he lost respect towards his mother. Another act of Hamlet that proves that he lost his emotions is when he accidentally kills Polonius. The only mourning he does for Polonius is when he says,” Thou wretched, rash, intruding fool, farewell;”(3.4.32). He calls Polonius a intruding fool and says farewell. By this it can be observed that Hamlet has become a solid hearted character who has no emotions of regret or sorrow. Therefore, Hamlet goes through many events like the meeting of his father, the acting of insane, the feeling of betrayal from his mother. These events lead his personality to change drastically. He becomes more addicted to the feeling of revenge, because of his false act he goes insane and at last loses the respect he had towards his brother. `

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