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An interesting comparison between King Hamlet and Claudius is a biblical reference between Cain and Abel. Cain was the first person to be born and Abel was the first person to be killed. Cain was jealous of his brother who was younger yet he became a shepherd while he was a farmer. Whenever they would give offerings to god, Abel’s offering would be accepted while Cain’s offering wasn’t. Cain was jealous of his brother and angered that he was allowed such a better life than him. Besides being a shepherd, Abel’s wife which was decided for him was much more beautiful than Cain’s wife. On one fateful day. Cain invites Abel to the fields and then there Cain murders his brother. This biblical story is commonly associated with Hamlet. One brother takes the life of the other brother because they think that they are more deserving than the other brother. In both cases, the murderous brother is left to walk to their doom in the future and in a sense gets justice inflicted upon them.
Hamlet also corrupted by the ghost of his father. After his father’s death, Hamlet mourned over his father and was left dark and bitter. Without even getting an adequate time to mourn he is approached by the ghost of King Hamlet. With Hamlet caught off guard by the ghost and its demands put Hamlet into turmoil. With thoughts of revenge and death, Hamlet is hesitate to make a resolve. The longer it takes for Hamlet to make a decision the greater the corruption takes control of him. The vengeance of the ghost sinks into Hamlet making is madness greater every moment that passes. Hamlet gripped with his own madness withdraws from the world. Unable to make up his mind, he hides from Claudius and won’t reproach him till his resolve is absolute. The crippling madness o...

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...ns a victim of the disease of corruption that sweep Denmark, and thus must die in accordance with the play's finale. That every main character that had grappled with corruption most fall to it.
A malicious disease, with no cure, that leads to death is called corruption. Each of the characters in Hamlet infected, led astray from their sense of morality, loyalty, and justice. Ultimately finding death as their curse. The seed of the disease sprouted in the biblical misdeed of Claudius, murdering his brother. It spread in his incestuous marriage to Gertrude, and infected even the righteous Hamlet. When he decided to take up the cause of his father's ghost and the necessary vengeance. The survival and success of both Horatio and Fortinbras, both free of corruption, help to highlight how the infection of the disease known as corruption is incurable and must end in death.

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