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William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet is a story about a king who murdered and his sons revenge on the murderer. The start of the play shows Bernardo and Francisco on watch at the kings castle. They are protecting the castle from anyone who may be of threat because everyone is mourning the kings death. A ghost appears at the watch platform and startles them. Bernado and Francisco see a resemblance between the ghost and the king. They are friends with the kings son, also named Hamlet, and decide to tell him about the encounter with the ghost. Everyone, even his family, thinks that King Hamlet was killed in battle. When Hamlet arrived at the watch platform the ghost figure appeared again. Hamlet got it to talk and found out that it is indeed his father. The ghost tells Hamlet the story of his death and Hamlet believes every word. The ghost told Hamlet about his murderer and asks him to not hurt Hamlet's mother, Gertrude. When Hamlet found out that his father was killed by Claudius, his uncle and soon to be step-father. Hamlet plans to avenge his fathers murder by killing King Claudius. Hamlet is set out to become someone that he knows nobody will suspect. Hamlet is crazy throughout the play, but all the characters just think it’s the effect from his father’s death and his mother’s new marriage.
Hamlet is pretty devastated from all the things happening in his life. He is extremely angry that his mother wants to have her wedding instead of King Hamlet's funeral. They believe that they should celebrate a new marriage rather than grieve a death. Hamlet doesn’t want to deal with any of this and tries to leave for Wittenberg where he is attending college. Gertrude asked Hamlet to stay and celebrate her new marriage with Claudius. Hamlet, out ...

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... this month, you shall nose him as you go up the stairs into the lobby. (5.3.34-38).
Hamlet tells Claudius where the dead body of Polonius is, but he first tells Claudius to go to hell. This really helps prove how Hamlet is crazy. He makes jokes out of his friends death and doesn’t seem to show any emotions.
William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet really catches the attention of the reader. Hamlet is a crazy person who put a lot of time and effort into planning the kings death to avenge his father. This is a big part in making the play flow. If Hamlet isn’t a crazy psychopath then there wouldn’t be the long play that is so well known. Hamlet’s part is crucial in developing a storyline leading to the tragedy in the end where everyone dies.

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