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In William Shakespeare’s famous tragedy Hamlet, Prince of Demark, the main character Hamlet has a command to avenge his father-Old King Hamlet’s death. In other words, Hamlet has to kill the new King-Claudius. However, Hamlet misses three chances and experiences three times failures during the process of this revenge. The reason of this is because of Hamlet’s delay problems. According to the play, Hamlet’s problem of delay shows at the moment his fails to murder Claudius. First, Hamlet needs to find out Claudius guilt in order to kill him. “ To be or not to be: that is the question.”(Shakespeare 1821). Hamlet struggles with the question of to be, he wants to kill Claudius, however, he has not find the guilt of Claudius, therefore he does not have courage to murder. In other words, these struggles are another form of excuses to delay his mission. Moreover, “Must give us pause”(Shakespeare1821). Hamlet explicitly express out that he want to take a break. This problem also shows in Hapgood’s essay, “Shakespeare’s characters often begin to part and then pause to add afterthoughts.”(Hap...

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