Halls of fear

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Halls of Fear School violence casts a huge shadow on the world today; the average of mass shootings for one year has tripled. As stated by Kimberly Hefling from the Washington Times newspaper, there has been at least 12 mass school shootings this school year alone. School violence happens all of the time but can be prevented by talking to the children in schools and by understanding what school violence is and where it derives from. Everyone has heard the two words “school” and “shootings” in the same sentence way to often. When the parents of today’s children were in school a lockdown drill wasn’t part of their vocabulary. “It struck me that this is now just a part of his life. I think about how my children are going to grow up and think this is just a normal part of school” (Deam 1). Each school in America is required to have at least three lockdown drills per school year but most schools have more just in case. Because this woman went to school prior to the Columbine High School shooting, she never had to endure a lockdown drill. “The idea that students must prepare for gunfire at school has become routine since the 1999 shooting.” (1). A 30 year old today, someone who was a freshman in high school during the Columbine Massacre, would have been the one of the first students to start practicing school lockdowns. Before Columbine, nobody practiced lockdown drills. The only drill close to a lockdown drill was when in the 1950’s students would have to duck under desks and cover their heads in anticipation of nuclear blasts, while now students are staying away from windows and doors trying to hide from an “active shooter.” Hiding from someone who is trying to kill them, usually the shooter being a peer that they have known for ye... ... middle of paper ... ...ave written several concerning plays that always ended up in a brutal death in one of his classes. His teacher said that she was genuinely scared for her own safety when she read his plays, when she reported this the police officials told her she had nothing to worry about. There were several signs that Cho was a threat. From the plays, to how he always wore his hood up and sunglasses indoors, and the fact that he made people fear for their own safety by just being in a room with him should have made the police stop what they were doing and make sure that he did not hurt anyone like he ended up doing. In his suicide note that was found in his dorm room, he said, “You caused me to do this.” In summation, The Virginia Tech Massacre shows the clear cause of school shootings are in fact bullying and that there are signs that need to be picked up in order to save lives.
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