Halloween Of 2015 : Observation Of A Parent Child Relationship

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Halloween of 2015, observation of a parent-child relationship took place. The adult is an older male family member named Zach and the child is his daughter Zoey who is three years old. These two family members live in Gilbert with their parents and this observation took place while the family was decorating and carving pumpkins for this specific holiday. They first started off choosing a design to carve the pumpkin. A few days prior, Zach had been telling Zoey that Halloween was coming soon and we were going to carve pumpkins that night. Zoey 's excitement was about to explode when they started their family project. As Zach started looking up designs, Zoey quickly goes on his lap to watch. Soon they find a design of a kitty to carve on Zoey 's pumpkin. During this time, Zoey goes back and fourth to each family member to see how they were going to carve their pumpkin. If there something exciting going on, Zoey would switch all of her attention to that one thing or person and completely ignore the wonderful things daddy was doing for her. When Zach confirms a design that Zoey likes, they contemplate who will help Zoey with the carving. Grandma is watching everyone else carve their pumpkins while taking picture for Facebook so Zoey dismisses her for the very important job of carving her pumpkin. Next up is her college aged Aunt, who is carving her pumpkin with a drill who is also dismissed. The last person Zoey asks is her Grandpa who offers to help with her carving and she accepts. Grandpa asks Zach is this is alright and he says yes. During the carving, Zoey is sitting on Grandpa 's lap while Zach is sitting next to them making sure everything goes smoothly and Zoey stays safe. Since she is three ... ... middle of paper ... ...jected in the observation was the authoritative style since Zach was mindful of Zoey 's emotional needs while setting the appropriate boundaries. The relationship between Zach and Zoey was shown to be healthy during the whole observation. The first theory seen was the Family Ecology since the setting was on Halloween night with extended family portraying Zach 's personal culture and sharing it with Zoey. The second theory projected was the family systems theory since extended family members were able to show loving instruction to Zoey with Zach 's approval. The last theory of Erikson 's psychological theory was shown by Zoey being challenged to attain a healthy attitude by Zach or other family members with practical life lessons. It was a joy observing this child-parent relationship and there is defiantly a bright future as their relationship continues to grow.

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