Halloween Film Analysis

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As the high pitched piano tune starts to play and the sound of leaves rustle in the crisp October air, chills are sent rushing from the back of the head to the tail of the spine. The viewer watches with deep curiosity and horror as the escaped psychopath and murderer -Michael Myers- raises terror through the streets of Haddonfield, Illinois. He has terrified millions of viewers for over 35 years and has became one of the most well known villains in movie history. Halloween (1978) has grossed over 265 million dollars in today’s money (due to inflation) and has become the standard in which other horror movies are judged. Terror ensues from the opening scene as the camera is shot from a first person point of view. He flips the light on in the…show more content…
Laurie (the main character) is exhausted by fright. She starts slowly stumbling out of the room of her assailant, crawling her way to complete safety. Horrifyingly, the boogeyman himself stands calmly and strolls to her. He grabs her by the neck and begins to strangle her. Laurie rips his mask off to reveal the face of a normal clean shaven young man. He is shocked and quickly puts his beloved mask back on. Just then, Dr. Samuel Luis (Michael’s psychiatrist) shoots him with his shining revolver. Michael is thrown back as he is shot over and over again, backing up toward the open balcony. He falls off the balcony of the second floor and falls to the cold earth. Dr. Samuel walks slowly to the balcony and peers over where Michael is nowhere to be seen. Then, the calm heavy breaths sucked through a thick rubber mask can be heard coming from everywhere and nowhere. Terrifying, suspenseful, and shocking, Halloween is a masterpiece of horror. This movie is extremely successful due to the many horrifying scenes and overall suspense. Perhaps the most terrifying idea in the movie is that Michael Myers is still out there, waiting for his chance to kill
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