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Halloween It was a general practice of the Christianized Roman Empire and the church at Rome to convert the pagans within the empire as quickly and on as large a scale as possible. Ever since the time of Constantine, who made catholicism the state religion, the Roman Emporors realized how essential it was to have a unified empire, where as many as possible would have one mind. The civil and religious leaders saw how important it was for the for the sake of unity to allow only one religion within the Roman realm. It became a state policy to force all non-Christians to accept the orthodox faith. The conquered pagans had a profound influence on the affairs of the church. These pagans brought with them many pagan practices and celebrations. Halloween was merely one of many. The pagans were fervent in clinging to their past ceremonies and observed them openly, yet they were supposed to have been converted to Christianity. Now notice a prophecy found in Daniel 7:25 "He shall speak great words against the most high, and shall wear out the saints of the most high and think to CHANGE TIMES AND LAWS..." Satan will do anything to pervert the truth. Now if a pagan practice or festival could not be forbidden, the church felt, then let it be tamed. So the church persuaded its followers to TRANSFER the devotion of these former heathen from their gods to the Christian God. By changing these pagan festivals (Halloween among others) to "Christian Festivals" the "church" was being used to change times and laws. Let's take a look at some of these changes; · 1. Yahweh begins the days at sunset; the church has changed it so the world begins the day in the middle of the night. · 2. Yahweh begins the week at the end of the 7th Day Sabbath; the world begins the workweek in the middle of the night, the second day of the week. · 3. Yahweh begins the year in the early spring. But ancient heathen Rome began the year in the middle of winter. · 4. Yahweh gave us a set of Holidays with great meaning (showing us His plan of salvation for man) to be observed throughout the year. The church has put on a heedless and deceived world, a totally different set of holidays such as Christmas, New Years, Easter and Halloween and others.

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