Halliday And Chomsky's Approach To Learning A Second Language

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As the global communities migrate from their native home lands to new countries and regions, the need to learn a new language becomes an imminent requirement. Learning second language for an individual with not back ground to the language can be a serious proposition which can results in seriously straining the individual. This makes it very important to select a learning strategy very carefully to prevent complicating the learning process and also one which will help speed up the entire learning process (Bitchener 2007). With this in mind there are three main approaches linked to learning a 2nd language namely the behaviourist, Halliday’s and Chomsky’s approaches. Each of these adopts different learning theories but that all promote
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The behavioural approach is closely linked to behaviour psychology and guides the individual towards learning a language through direct interaction which people who speak the language. The natural behaviour of learning a language is linked to first listening to the language before gradually beginning to pick works, building sentences and eventually attempting conversation (Littlewood 2002). This requires for there to be a positive stimulus which keeps presenting the learning with opportunities to hear words, learn them and reply. It’s also the responsibility of the tutor of stimulator to re-enforce the individual confidence through encouragement, acknowledgement and polite corrections. The tutor or stimulus is a very important aspect linked to learning a second language but it’s also important to remember the individual must be able to bond with the educator to secure the required response while…show more content…
This makes it important for the learner to learn a language gradually allowing them to master each word without making major mistakes while using them. This is especially important when considering much language syntax differs from English which making many sentences be forced in the opposite structure. This makes it important 2nd language learners to first take time to learn how to place the words which would then translate to the right meaning. Failing to understand the word and grammar arrangement can lead to major complications and result in the learner having bad experiencing dealing with native speakers which can result in serious complications (Halliday 1970).
According to Hallidays approach combining both practical speaking and communication as well as attend theory classes very important towards improving the learners understanding of the language syntax thus allowing them to begin practicing to rearrange working to fit the native way of speaking a 2nd language. Failure to do this would result in seriously impairing the meaning of the language resulting in serious complication communicating with the public which may also feel offended when communication is
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