Haitian Revolution Essay

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The Haitian Revolution

The Haitian Revolution was classified as the first slave revolt that resulted in freedom for the slaves in Haiti. This revolution took place in the late 1700’s in the island of Haiti, in the Caribbean. This revolution consisted on the slaves overtaking the white settlers. After they took over they founded the Republic of Haiti. The people of Haiti had a very broad and intense social class division, the White people and the Blacks. The white people treated the salves poorly and unjust because of the strong idea of racism and were controlling the Black population in their everyday life. The white settlers were on the highest place of society, causing a lot of mistreat and slaves to escape to the mountains (“The Haitian Revolution”, Since the white people where being resistant to the idea of the black people to have their own rights and freedom, the slaves decided to revolt. In May 1971, the revolution started with the revolt of the slaves against the white settlers. The Haitian revolution changed the disputes about freedom and slavery, liberated people who fought for their freedom, and became the first black slave revolution won.
The revolution started in 1791 and ended in 1804. In 1791 the revolution started in a revolt. The island that is now Haiti was a colony of one of the biggest colonist countries in the world, France. Haiti was lead and ruled by France. Recently, France had its own revolution withdrawing Louis XVI. With France without a stable Monarchy and many problems within, Haiti was the best and most needed colony they had. The plantation and the trade advantages that France had with Haiti were important (“Milestones: 1791-1804”, On May 1791, led by a voodoo p...

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...e sadly passed away by assassination. After the death of Jacques, Henry Christophe assumed power and became the King of Haiti (“Henry Christophe”, After the revolution and the reign of France, Haiti became a different state with their own ideals and their own way to run their government.
The revolution of Haiti was successful in a great extent. The slaves who were the first ones to revolt against their settlers and the French had one goal in mind, to have their own rights, liberty and not be controlled by the French. When the Hispaniola Island had gained their independence in 1804, the slaves gained their freedom, their rights and being filled with joy, they had a new notion, called, Haiti. Slaves were treated poorly and throughout time and a lot of fights the revolution they started ended with the slaved and the real people from Haiti in victory.
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