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It was dark, cold, and immensely quiet in the small town known as Eilom. Rows and rows of empty and even eroding buildings stood alone. The streets were spread with trash—plastic cups, candy wrappers, paper products, boxes—and abandoned vehicle's, old and new, were left crooked with doors flung open and parts stripped from the tires up. Light-poles were knocked over, with some simply inactive from lack of power the town was receiving, if any at all. The whole town would be pitch black if it weren't for the half-moonlight in the sky. CRASH-CLINK-SHHH The noise of metal-against-metal, metal-against-concrete, thrashed and echoed through the town like a chain reaction. Rapid foot steps soon came to follow, repeating against the asphalt in a rhythm as it came rounding from an alleyway. CRASH-CLUNK-THRUSH More thrashing came along just moments after the first set, though much more thunderous, like a small herd of rampaging cattle. "This way!" A deep, booming yell burst from within the cluster of sounds. "Hurry on up and get him!" A good hand-full of men—dressed in what seemed like matching military attire and rifles held at the waist—ran down the street in a scattered formation. Some yelling battle cries, other's huffing and wheezing just to be able to keep on running. And one specifically barking constant orders to the rest, repeating; do not shoot, run, hurry, get him and get your ass going like a broken record-player. Obviously the man in charge. Only a football field ahead of the large fleet ran a single boy, looking about the age of seventeen. His hair a dusky brown with additional auburn strips blending throughout, lengthened down to the nape of his neck and laid raggedly over his forehead to unevenly fray to his ... ... middle of paper ... ...rrently held, passed the hem of his jeans to conceal it. "Let's go. Quickly, collect any resources you can find from these guys. Ammo, weapons, vests; anything useful." As he gave out the order, he rushed over to the pile under the light post and began stuffing the ruck-sack he had dropped. He then threw it over his shoulder and stacked the rest of the loose objects within his arms. All in rapid speed. "Got it." Following Harren's instructions, all the teen's spoke simultaneously. Three of them moved to check the fallen military officers for anything they could find, and one—being Trey—went to help Harren. But they didn't spend a lot of time. Lingering in the area was obviously dangerous. Once Harren and the other boy had everything hand, they, along with the rest of the teens, immediately traveled away from single light post, and out into the dark, wretched city.

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