Hacking satellite cards

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Writing a "Private 3M Script" First it is important to define the term "3M." The term "3M" simply refers to a script's ability to unlock all of the channels, based on the saying "All for one, and One for all!" from the "3 Musketeers," (which came from the old days of hacking cable boxes where all channels were viewable through one channel). Anyway, "3M" now is just a generic term for a card that has all channels open and no stealth or write protection. In stealth scripts, the "3M" code refers to the actual part of the code that enables the video.All scripts that open all of the channels are 3M's, however most people are referring to scripts that auto-update on their own, when they refer to a 3M. The card auto-updates because it has no commands blocked, and it appears to be a normal subbed card, as much as possible. The EASIEST type of 3M to write is to modify a valid bin file, by editing it in BasicH. Before you can write a script to modify the card, you need to be able to edit a bin file manually to make those changes. If you read through this page carefully you will find everything you need to know to modify a valid bin file with unique jump points and a 3M code. After you are done editing your valid bin file you will have a private 3M that auto-updates, with private jump points. To remove simply do a 1-STEP clean in BasicH or BasicU. If you follow the directions you should have a fairly safe 3M to use. If you have a private 3M (that does not have code in any regions that have been changed ago updates) your card would still be running today no matter HOW long they've been you installed it. They can only send a "killer" ECM that will loop your cards if they have 8 known bytes in a row that they can hash. In order to ZAP your card with an ECM your card needs to be detected as being "hacked." In order to do this they need to know you card's "signature," and your signature is based on the "extra" data that is on your card: the jump points and 3M code. If they don't know your jump points or how exactly you broke up your 3M code then it is not possible for them to target you since they won't know the "signature" of your card.

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