Hackers: Heroes or Villains?

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The deep web is large portion of the web that is known to a relatively small number of internet users; however this region of the internet is often compared to the “Wild West”. Just like the old American frontier, the deep web has its share of heroes and villains. When the word hacker is brought into a conversation, it seems to manifest with a negative connotation. However, this should not be the case. In recent years hacking has become an integral part of the technological development process, helping to improve security conditions on personal and national levels in both the material and digital worlds. Hackers have cooperated with numerous companies to hack into newly released or nearly completed products to test and improve the security on devices such as computers and smartphones, baby monitors, household security systems, and everything in between.
There is a social hierarchy that breaks down the hacking community into different categories. These categories are determined by for whom or what a hacker’s motivation for hacking is. The categories are named after different colored hats. For example, a malicious hacker who, in most cases, hacks for their own benefit or the benefit of a hacking organization is known as a “black hat”. A hacker that hacks to repair damage done by black hats or to help those incapable of protecting themselves is known as a “white hat”. Those are the two most basic classifications, but you also have blue hats, grey hats, and nation-state hackers. These are security contractors, hackers who are both helpful and malicious, and government run agencies respectively (Hacker (Computer Security)).
People think to get rid of the malicious black hat hackers; you have to remove hacking from the picture entir...

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... way to stay safe is to rely on our newfound heroes. They are hackers, and they will keep you safe.

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