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A hacker by common definition is a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data. Although some computer hackers are committing crimes, there are also computer hackers that counterattack these criminals and their actions are what keep us safe from the criminals on the world wide web. Although they are hackers they are what protect us from the criminals on the internet. Without them and their actions we would live in complete chaos.
On the internet there are billions of people logged on at one time. Among these users are, different types of hackers: white, grey, and black hat hackers. White hat hackers are hackers that try to put a stop to mischievous acts from cheating in a video game to corporate espionage. Black hat hackers do anything from changing words and formats on web pages to cracking code and stealing corporate information. On the other hand there is grey hat hackers, these are the hackers that can be swayed one way or the other. These are the hackers that practice codes and coding, these are commonly learning on their own, whether it be for fun or to start a company or get a degree.
CHE’s (Certified Ethical Hacker), or white hat hackers are being hired to find holes in firewall and vulnerabilities in power plants and water systems, they can also probe and pick through intelligence systems and communication systems (Tendell). CEH’s also need to know how all hackers think, they need to think outside the box. CEH’s need to be able to out hack black hats in order to create counter attacks. White hat hackers fight against the black hats to keep user on the world wide web safe. CEH’s entire job is to make sure a system is truly secure, by penetration testing. Penetration testing is a common practice of most ...

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...ore possible suspects was the cyber attacks the websites of the turkish government.
Hacking has been around since computers have been around. The first big computer virus made by a hacker was called “Melissa”, it targeted users of software made by Microsoft. Once the user was infected with the virus it would send an infected e-mail to the first 50 people in your contacts. Another crime was a 19 year old Raphael Grey. Stealing a sum of 25,000 different credit card numbers and posting 6,000 credit card numbers to the internet. Onel de Guzman made the “ILOVEYOU” virus. This virus steals computer users and password and email them to others and infecting thousand of computer users. Like i said not all hackers sit in there rooms and find out ways to ruin peoples lives by crashing their computers or stealing money from their banking accounts. And not all organizational

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