Hackers Are Criminals

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Hacking is the practice of changing the features of a system, in order to accomplish a goal outside of the maker’s inventive purpose. These actions may result in someone finding information that does not belong to them and using it to access personal accounts. There are three categories of hackers; black hats, white hats, and gray hats. With regard to this, it depends on the job of the hacker. For instance, black hat hackers are well-known for the common cybercrimes. These includes DOS/DDOS attacks that overload internet servers, defacing websites by hijacking control and replacing the main page photos with rude slogans, preforming identity theft, and taking remote control of dozens of personal computers and programming them to “zombie” as spam broadcasters (Gil). Surprisingly, there are hackers with a good moral known as “ethical hackers” or “white hats” that use their skills to help companies and businesses find their weak points. Gray hats are individuals that want to cause destruction and fail. They are not concerned about the serious consequences they might have to go through when caught. Black hats are the individuals with the knowledge, but intentions to cause impairment (Lord). In spite of the white hackers, I think all hackers should be classified as criminals because of the invasion of privacy and using the findings for profit. On the other hand, some may argue that hackers are considered as “Cyber Heroes”. According to CTU Doctoral Chair of Computer Service, Bruce Harmon, “Breaking into computer networks is illegal even if for less self-serving purposes.” To become an ethical hacker, they, likewise, have to acquire methods on how to complete tasks, unauthorized, which would be illegal (Harmon). Not only does computer h... ... middle of paper ... ...>. Enbysk, Monte. What is a Hacker l Microsoft Small Business Center. n.d. 06 December 2013 . Hackers (term). 28 August 2013. 06 November 2013 . Harmon, Bruce. The Hacker - Tales of a Modern Superhero. 09 May 2013. 12 September 2013 . Kelly, Heathe. The Five Scariest Hacks We Saw Last Week. August 5 2013. 3 October 2013 . Lord, Jaime. Are HAckers Heroes? 29 March 2013. 1 November 2013 <>. Sutherland, Ian. Is Ethical Hacking Actually Ethical or Even Legal? 2 May 2013. 8 November 2013 <>>.

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