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Hackers It is the weekend you have nothing to do so you decide to play around on your computer . You turn it and than start up , calling people with your modem , conneciting to another world with people. This is all fine but what happens when you start getting into other people’s computer files , then it becomes a crime and who are the criminals. To begin i will start with hacking and hackers. Hacking is the act of breaking into computers and network of other poeple’s with out any permission . Hacking is like drugs or any other substance , its an addiction for the mind and once started it is diffucult to stop . Hacker is a person who enjoy learning details of a programming language or system , who tries to break into computer systems .There is two types of hackers. On is the benign hackers , who likes get into his or her own computer and understand how it works . The malicious hackers is the person who likes getting into other people’s system . Black hat is used to discribe a hacker who break into a computer system or network with malicious intent . Unlike white hat , the black hat takes advantage of the break in perhaps destroying files or stealing data for some future purpose. White hat hackers describes a hacker who identifies a security weakness in a computer system or network but instead of taking malicious advantage of it . They will allow the system‘s owners to fix it before can be taken advantage by others . But U.S law does not see differences between black hat hacker and white hat hacker. Many of the poeple in our society today often think that computer hackers are very smart individuals who have special talents and abilities and enabiling them to crack passwords , send viruses , cancel your cable tv , raid your social security and crash computer systems. Most people in our society do not spend the time to break into computer systems but all studies indicate that hackers are genarlly young and not haave full time jobs or own property kaygusuz2 They have so much time and energy to break into computers. Hackers learn hacking from reading different kind of computer books , they find many available tools on the internet , they spend so much time on the computer to learn the techniques of hacking . Some of the hackers hack for to gain highest pre... ... middle of paper ... ...entality work and their lifestyle and also goverment regulations against these smart indivuduals. Ýnformation security professions must be more visible in a way that get children before the hackers community gets them . They get together to teach parents and schools and also they must teach children about hacking and hackers before somebody else does. And also goverment takes to find a way to stop hackers. If the goverment does not hurry up they are going to get buried by hackers and when that happens the world will not be a fun places to live in and aslo the cyberspace WORKS CITED Cert Coordination Center Computer Crime in today’s Society Retrieved: November 10, 2000 from the World Wide Web: http:// www.cert.org// Choas Computer Club ( januvary 05 , 1995 ) Hacker Bible The New Hackers Dictionary ( online education ) Retrieved November 10 , 2000 from the Worl Wide Web A non-technical artical from business web zine about Distrbuted Denial Service Attacks: http://www.cert.org/advisories /Ca-99-17-denial-of-service-tools.html Tool from the FBI’s National Infrastructure Protection Center : http://www.nipc.gov/

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