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Many people have being arguing about hacktivist is good or bad. The actions of hacking is illegal but what about the purpose of hacking? The actions that Anonymous have done are seem ethical to me, their actions were ethical reflected on many hacktivist, they are hacking for society to make it better. Even their hacking are without consent that are considered illegal. But their purpose to hacking and what they did are ethical. They try to do good and they do not do to much bad. What they did, some of them were good for the society, some of them hacking for revenge. But they do things limited, they do not overdo in each event. They do not support violence and it means they really do not want to hurt anybody.
Anonymous is a international hacktivist organization. The symbol of this organization is “man without a head”, it is represent it is a leaderless organization and anonymity. It means anyone can claim to represent the organization or belong to this organization. The anonymous who appear in public, some of them will wear Guy Fawkes masks to shows they are a part of the Anonymous group. This organization originated since in 2003 on a website which called 4chan. The key point of this organization is call “internet freedom”.
In 2008, this organization invaded a religious organization’s website which is called Church of Scientology. Anonymous organization has thousands of members. Those members were divided into dozens of people in each small group, they responded to various events. Anons had been doing this because the Church of Scientology’s reaction to Anonymous, they were calling Anonymous cyber-terrorists, KKK members, religion bigots, Fascists, Nazis and communists in a press release. Anonymous was hacking this just for ...

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...trifle for North Korea denounce United States.
In May 13, 2013, the Anons invaded to the official websites of the Philippine each agency. They asked the Philippines to apologize for their Coast Guard had shotted the Taiwan fishermen in May 9. The Anons cracked their DNS server database and published the database account’s password. In this event, Anonymous stand up for Taiwan. They did not hack for themself, for their own purpose. They were hacking for Taiwan fishermen who had shotted by the Philippines Coast Guard.
The hacktivist that Anonymous have done were seem ethical to me, although that hacking is illegal. They hacking is try to make the society better. They have not hurt anyone, sometime they even hacking for other people not for themself. They do not overdo things. Anonymous’s attack just for maintain the internet freedom, they just hacker not terrorist.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that hacktivists are good or bad, but what about the purpose of hacking?
  • Explains that anonymous is an international hacktivist organization. the symbol of this organization is "man without a head".
  • Explains how anonymous invaded a religious organization's website called church of scientology in 2008, calling anonymous cyber-terrorists, kkk members, religion bigots and nazis.
  • Explains that anonymous had captured and shut down a underground pedophile website called lolita city, which had more than 100g of porn data.
  • Explains how anons attacked companies that no longer had cooperation with wiki leaks. paypal said that their attack just made the payment rate slow down.
  • Analyzes how the anons invaded the official news website of north korea and uploaded the photos that vilified kim jong-un.
  • Explains how the anons invaded philippine websites and asked the philippines to apologize for their coast guard shooting of taiwan fishermen.
  • Opines that the hacktivists anonymous have done are ethical, although hacking is illegal. they hack to make the society better.
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