Habits That Hinder Thinking Case Study

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In our lives as we grow from children to adults and go from attending school and playing with friends and then moving into the work force, we will be introduced to many different ideas, personalities and views of how things should be handled. With that being said I would like to touch on a few of the “Habits That Hinder Thinking”, there are six of these which include (The Mine is Better Habit, Face Saving, Resistance to Change, Conformity, Stereotyping and Self Deception).
The first one that I am going to look at is Conformity, and this word in itself basically gives the definition. We as adults have all been faced with instances where we just have to conform to whatever is thrown out there at us. An example of this would be that your current employer has decided to sell his business, and the new Owners have come in and decided that they do not like the current computer system and other office equipment, so they are going to replace it all. They have stated that they will have a training session with all of the employees to go over the next systems and how it works, and once this has taken place, they will only leave the old system up and running for 2 more weeks. You as an employee that has been with the company since its inception 10 years ago have used that system for ten years and having to change is going to really cause some problems. What you fear the most is that you are not going to understand the new system and that you are going to mess things up in the beginning that may cause money issues for the company. You have addressed these concerns with fellow employees, but several of them have assured you that you are not the only one that feels this way, but that if all of you are willing to help each other through...

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...t we are all the same. As a child I took this to heart and I looked at everyone as just people and not any different than me. But as I grew up and went out into the work world this was actually brought out to me in a very negative way. The first day that I went to work at my first fulltime job, I was placed with an African American co-worker, and the first and only words out of her mouth when she was introduced to me is “WOW, we have a really white one here”, and boy did that set me back some. This co-worker really did have an issue with having to work directly with a White woman, and I know that this was taught to her from her family, just as it was taught to me that color is just that color it has nothing to do with who we are as a person.
In conclusion these six habits are very real and they really do hinder us in our thinking whether we believe it or not.
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