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The resource based view is another important theory, which highlights the role of human resource in the success of the organisation. The resource based theory considers the human resource as the major asset for the organisation that plays a significant role in differentiating the organisation from its competitors. The resource based view focuses on hiring highly skilled and qualified employees in order to make the organisation more competent in the market in terms of human resource (Armstrong, 2010). Due to this reason, the resource based theory is more concerned about managing people in such a way that it becomes the essential resource for the company. To support the resource based theory the HR managers play a very significant role in formulating such HRM strategies, which are directed towards recruiting, selecting, compensating, retaining and developing the highly skilled employees.
The HR manager by adopting the approach of best practise can create a healthy work environment, which can help in motivating employees in adverse situations. The best practises are the set of some major objectives, which when achieved can help in promoting the overall development of employees as well as organisation (Armstrong, 2009). These best practices can be applied to any organisation irrespective of size or the geographical location. Some best practice approaches are: job security, selecting highly skilled employees, development of leadership skills through training, performance based compensation, focus on skills enhancement training, effective two way communications, and less hierarchical levels in the organisation.
Issues in managing workforce
Managing the workforce is the major objective of HRM and in fact the success of HR managers is me...

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... plays a vital role in taking the organisation towards success by acting as the competitive advantage for the organisation. Furthermore, the HR manager is responsible for giving right direction to the available human resource and for their overall development by designing and implementing effective training programs”. The human resource is the life blood for the organisation and the proper management of available human is required to make them more competent. In this regard the HR manager is required to have sound knowledge of managing international workforce, as the behaviour of each employee may differ based on the culture and ethical values. The HR manager need to focus on studying the behavioural aspect of available work force along with the cross-cultural complexities to transform the available human resource into the most essential asset for the organisation.
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