HRIS Requirements For Riordan Manufacturing

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System Overview Several processes within Riordan's Human Resource Information System (HRIS) have been identified as disjointed and Riordan wants to integrate those processes into the HRIS to create a more seamless, secure and efficient system. Manual processes as well as partially automated processes, both internal and external third party, will need to be integrated into the HRIS system to accomplish this integration goal. HRIS Updates Changes to information in the HRIS database are currently submitted in writing by a Manager manually filling out special forms and sending them to headquarters where a payroll clerk enters the data into the system. This process can be error prone as well as slow and needs to be automated. Creating a mechanism to allow secure data entry and editing by the Manager directly will eliminate errors and update important personnel information in real time. Requirements: 1. The system will provide secured self-service data entry interface screens to approximately resemble existing paper forms for employees to view their personal data regarding employment by allowing entry and update of appropriate personal data stored in HRIS. 2. The system will allow secured access to personnel records for Managers to update appropriate personnel data (hours worked, time off, disciplinary actions, etcetera) for employees for whom they have responsibility. 3. The system will gather time and attendance information from the time keeping equipment and transfer it to the payroll system upon approval by the Manager. Training and Development Training and development records are kept in Excel spreadsheets by training and development specialists. This data may or may not be stored in a secure location or where it is ... ... middle of paper ... ...ns specialists track information about complaints, grievances, harassment complaints, and others in locked files in their offices. These paper-based processes need to be automated and integrated into the HRIS database and secured so that only those privileged to view that information are authorized to do so. Requirements: 1. The system will provide input screens for entering grievances and complaints and storing them in the HRIS database in a secured location so that only authorized individuals may view the documents. 2. The system will Requirements Summary The Riordan Human Resource Information System will be expanded and updated to integrate information which is currently stored either electronically or manually at remote locations and will properly secure the data according to federal mandates so that only those with authority to view the data may do so.

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