HIV: Its Symptoms and Mechanisms

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HIV: Its Symptoms and Mechanisms
Jessica woke up in the morning, feeling extremely exhausted and tired (“Early Signs and Symptoms”). She found out that she woke up later than she expected and rushed out of the house to work. That wasn’t the only morning that she had felt that way-- she had felt muscle fatigue and headaches for weeks now (“Signs and Symptoms”). Before, Jessica had gotten a cold, but it was probably the “worst flu” that she had ever experienced (“Signs and Symptoms”). She had a severe fever and always coughed from a sore throat (“Signs and Symptoms”). She finally decided to pay her doctor a visit.
When Jessica arrived to the hospital, she explained to her doctor about her problem. Her doctor took several examinations, including an HIV exam. When the doctor got the results, Jessica was tested HIV positive! When her doctor told her the results, Jessica was stunned. She knew that HIV was bad, but she vaguely remembered what it was. “How did this virus end up in my body?” she asked.
Her doctor first explained the HIV structure. An HIV structure contains of two RNA str...

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