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After reading “Developing a Web Site for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Prevention in a Middle Income Country: A Pilot Study from Thailand” (Kasatpibal, Visekul & Srikantha, Fongkaew, Surapagdee, Grimes, 2012) study (p 560-563). It is interesting appealing to the public about the new awareness that has occurred organized online to support HIV method of prevention. The article stated that only “41 MSMs” (men who have sex with men) were to be conduct in the research. The participants are HIV negative. However, may have contact with HIV positive person. The study conducted in “Chiang Mai, Thailand” in 2010-2011. The person chosen in that research was targeted at person with good computer skills and technology. However, there are a few concerns there is concern about the technology, design, prevention in the study need to research. There needs to be more variety to involve in the study as “41” person seemed to be a tiny number to involve in this research. The study indicated the student chosen in this study were “college student," age range 20 (Kasatpibal, Visekul & Srikantha, Fongkaew, Surapagdee, Grimes, 2012) (p 561). In order for the study be more success the person should include older adult because this would be more accurately too see if everyone can access the website and the internet to received data and information to protect them from HIV infected. The concern needs to address if peoples do not have the ability to access the internet efficiently, there must be another method to help and teach people to received information about HIV prevention. Having a variety of different participates in this study will help to obtain more accurate data if using the internet can affectedly save majority peoples from HIV infected. The averag... ... middle of paper ... ...behavior. Overall the website layout is a useful way to include the global society about HIV prevention and awareness. The internet is a great source to provided information and study of the people about the new design, study and techniques to help and control HIV. The study would have been more successful if there are more people involved and the information should have been available through another process like to mail or offline project as the New York case study. The study in Thailand could have been more effective if there is more information about the number of different not being affected by HIV at the conclusion of the study. Given more data about the study, it could provide more detailed data to help if the internet is truly the best approach to inform about HIV transmitted disease, or if this method of delivery is the best in the near future generation.

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