HIPPA: Keeping Patient´s Privacy

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HIPPA is a rule that helps protects a patient’s privacy when it comes to their health or medical information. It is also known as a security rule that helps in protecting electronic health information as well. As in the health care patient safety and confidentiality is an important rule to follow at all times. A standard of HIPPA is privacy. When it comes to privacy it is meant by protecting a patient’s medical information in any form needs to be controlled at all times. It is a rule that is balanced and used to protect the disclosure of the patient’s health information that is needed for patient care and treatment. It is important that any person working in the health care setting is aware of this rule as it is important to follow when taking patients information or simply talking on the phone with a patient. I feel this is necessary in the health care setting. A patient should feel comfortable knowing there medical and patient information is protected and won’t end up in the wrong hands. If a patient gets hospitalized and the family or friends are trying to obtain information on t...
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