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In the book, Slacks and Calluses, two women have written about their summer on a B-24 production line in 1943, during World War II. The aircraft industry asked teachers to work during their summer break, so high school teachers Constance Bowman Reid and Clara Marie Allen decided they were going to be useful. This book is a collection of stories about their summer on the line, people they had met, what they learned while working there, and how they were treated outside of the factory. This paper will answer questions about the book, such as what the book revealed about the social class in the lives of women, what did the country think about women who worked, and why did women work on these production lines. In the first half of the book, the social classes in the lives of women are revealed. Reid and Allen talked about the differences between women who wore the slacks to work in and those who wore skirts to work. Women in this time were thought of as being less than men, and in the book it talked about how the women in slacks got even less respect than the women in the skirts did...

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