HDTV: Implications for High Definition Television

HDTV: Implications for High Definition Television

HDTV (High Definition Television) has many positive attributes and is the television set of the future, but the primary concern is how this revolutionary standard can coexist and eventually replace the existing color TV system. This vital problem associated with HDTV is similar to the obstacle that color TV encountered in 1954 - which was enabling the color signal to be read simultaneously with the monochrome signal, without interference. There is an estimated 600 million television sets dispersed throughout the world and about 70 percent of them are color. (Kuhn, 2001: 1). A significant and precarious matter is whether the modern criterion of HDTV should be attuned with existing, color TV standards, succeed the existing standards, or be concurrently transmitted with the accessible standards (with the conception that the existing standards would obliterate over time).

High Definition Television is any system developing vitally enhanced picture resolution than that of the usual 525-line (625-line in Europe) television monitor. Digital HDTV systems, by dissimilarity, broadcast pictures and sounds in the arrangement of digital data. These numerical data are transmitted, utilizing the identical high radio frequencies that contain analog waves, and computer processors in the digital television system that then decipher the information. Digital HDTV can transmit sharper, clearer images and sound with very diminutive interferences or other flaws. Of more significance, digital television systems will apparently be adept to send, store, and influence pictures as well as receive them, thus combining the functions of the television set and the compute...

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