HDI Case Study

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The Relationship between HDI and Businesses Human Development Index is abbreviated to HDI. According to "Human Development Reports", "The HDI was created to emphasize that people and their capabilities should be the ultimate criteria for assessing the development of a country, not economic growth alone." Besides, HDI is a powerful weapon for stimulating government policies. HDI consists of three parts: a long and healthy life, being knowledge and have a decent standard of living. However, some questions of inequalities, poverty, human security, etc, are not be considered in the HDI. Nest, Canada, USA, China, Korea (Republic of) and the UK will be compared with each other, and obtain some useful information. First, I want to compare five countries…show more content…
This condition can create a good environment for Huawei to market their products. Besides, the Chinese government also support and offer opportunities for the telecommunication industries. According to Ahrens (2013), " The government in Beijing adopted an explicit policy of supporting domestic telecommunications manufacturers and restricting access to foreign competitors." It means that Chinese government begins to focus on developing the private economy. To a certain extent, this approach of Chinese government plays an important role in the development of Huawei. Besides, "Labor Contract Law of the People 's Republic of China" (2012) stated that government protect every worker 's labor rights and improve the minimum salary through legislation. This is an effective legal protection. However, some companies ' like Huawei costs are rising. It brings a big challenge for Huawei. The Economic Environment According to "Human development reports", China HDI index is increasing. It means that people 's standard of living has increased. Moreover, people have more and more disposable incomes. In addition to, electronic products has become an indispensable part of life. It let market demands become more and more. All of them become favorable factors for promoting the development of Huawei. The Sociocultural
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