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In the society that we live in this has been a problem and has become a bigger problem throughout the years. Why do they occur is the question? Are individuals born with theses feeling or is it something that they pick up just going through every day life? How and can this violent crime ever be stopped?The rate that hate crimes are going its ruining the society we live in on a daily. Hate crimes occur anywhere in the rich neighborhoods, poor neighborhoods where we live doesn’t exclude these violent acts They pretty much can happen with anybody, anywhere without a warning. So we don’t know where to go and not to go you can be basically walking down the street or coming out of a store with your family and it could happen to you. These individuals have so much rage inside sometimes they attack anyone jut to get their frustration out and some do it for excitement either way this is a huge problem in the U.S when you’re not safe walking out of your own home. There are different types of hate crimes bullying is one of the biggest issues in my personal opinion that leads up to a lot of these hate crimes When an individual is constantly being pushed into a corner and being bullied it builds up a rage of hate. Which causes individuals to hold so much inside that when they finally explode they will hurt anyone just to get to the person that tormentented them. From what I’ve seen this is the problem with the school shootings these kids are picked on so much that they react the wrong way. Causing hurt on everyone not only themselves and it be to the point where they don’t care who they hurt. I think that more counseling in the schools can help prevent these issues. Because they do occur and by the time we focus in on the problem it’s too lat... ... middle of paper ... ...has tried hate crimes are still being commiteed every second around the world not just the United States. Hate crimes are acts of negativity that has ruined so many lives as individuals we can stop them but we can educate others on the downfalls of these things.If these people who do commit hate crimes had someone to talk to about their problems intead of holding in so much hurt they would feel a lot better about life and other peoples lives as well.Drama and violence does not solve every problem that we face but some think it does not knowing that taking the positive routes will make them feel much better about themselves. The punishment for minor hate crimes should be tooken more seriously to avoid bigger problems in the future for everyone.We shouldn’t live in fear everyday but we do because now days in time anything can happen to absolutely anybody at anytime.
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