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is the largest market share holder of motorcycles over 750cc in the United
States. After the expansion of our production and distribution capacity, we will be in the position to meet the increasing demand for our motorcycles and other products.
Growth potential appears very good especially in the overseas market. Gaining a larger market share in these area may require a further increase in production and distribution capacities. We must plan for expansion now and continue to grow as a company.

In Milwaukee,
William Harley, 21, and Arthur Davidson, 20, began experiments on taking the work out of bicycling. They were soon joined by Arthur’s brothers, Walter and
William. Many changes were made to the engine design before its builders were satisfied. After the new looped from was finalized, they were ready to begin production. In 1903 they produced three motorcycles. Harley-Davidson erected its first building the current Juneau avenue site in 1906 and incorporated in 1907. In 1907 Harley-Davidson produced 150 motorcycles.

motorcycle market over 750cc has been increasing over the last five years.
The Harley-Davidson 1996 model year production line, sold though a world wide network of more than 1,000 dealers, includes 20 cruiser, factory custom and touring motorcycles, as well as police motorcycles. Harley-Davidson benefits form having one of the world’s most recognized and respected brand names and our motorcycle model names are among the best known in the industry:
Competition and Market share
This chart shows the competition and market share for 1995 in the United States:

Current Market Situation
Net sales for 1995 of $1.4 billion were $191.6 million, or 16.5%, higher than net sales for 1994. Net income and earnings per share from continuing operations were $111.1 million and $1.48, for 1995 as compared with $96.2 million and
$1.26, for 1994. Net income and earnings per share from discontinued operations were $1.4 million and $.02, for 1995 as compared with $8.0 million and $.11, for 1994, which included a $4.6 million, or $.06 per-share, one-time tax benefit related to the legal reorganizat...

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...Harley-Davidson dealerships), bringing the year-end total to approximately
150. In 1996, the Buell team will complete its study of the European sport/performance market, which is four times larger than its U.S. counterpart, to prepare for a possible future launch there.
The majority of our advertising comes from bike rallies and special events that are held that are held across the United States. Our Rallies draw between 5,000 and 200,000 people. The majority of the attendants are Harley owners. Harley Davidson as an organization does very little mainstream advertising.
should be specified in terms of sales, and production. Costs should be identified and target cost levels specified to facilitate their control. Standards should be established in terms of consumer’s attitudes. Attitude standards, in terms of perceptions, and desires should be specified. Controls should be implemented and monitored by appropriate administrators. The president, vice-president, administrators, and other individuals should be responsible for controlling the marketing mix implemented.
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