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In this discussion I will explain my teaching plan on Healthcare-Acquired Infections (HAIs) and the evaluation methods that I chose to use in presenting this information. Healthcare-Acquired Infections can be devastating financially, emotionally and physically to the client, family members, and healthcare staff. My audience for my teaching plan is clients and their family in the acute care setting. The purpose of my teaching plan is to provide this vulnerable group of individuals with the information need to prevent HAIs. This topic is serious and is important in my everyday functions as a nurse. My ultimate goal is to do a research study on this subject in the future. Landers, Abusalem, Coty, and Bingham (2012), shows that patient’s hands are full of pathogens after just days in the hospital. These pathogens are making the patients and their families at risk for HAIs. Education is imperative to preventing and reducing their risk factors for getting HAIs.
My first objective for the teaching plan is to have clients and their family members to learn about HAIs. Within this objective is to define HAIs, their risk factors, and three ways to prevent them. The method for this objective is one on one instruction using picture charts to show what a HAI is, its risk factors, and how to lower their risk. This teaching allows the client and their family to recognize areas that need to be adapted into their hospital stay. This will help the client and their family members prevent a HAI while they are most vulnerable. The method of evaluation that will be used is a posttest. If learners are aware that a posttest needs to be completed, this requirement encourages them to pay attention to the information (Bastable, 2008, p. 495). In a 10...

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...t hand hygiene and the prevention of HAIs. The evaluation method that would be used is question and answer. This would provide back and forth dialog between the educator and the learner. This will let the client and their family members express any concerns they may have. By utilizing these four objectives in my teaching plan on HAIs, I would hope to provide the clients and their families in an acute care setting with the information and motivation needed to help them become empowered to prevent HAIs.

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