H.G. Wells's Presentation of Future in The Time Machine

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H.G. Wells's Presentation of Future in The Time Machine When Wells was writing "The Time Machine" in 1895 England was a country where society consisted of several classes. These were mainly the middle classes, these were the people who ran factories and had a lot of wealth. The other class was working class, the people who worked in factories and mines. Also there were a huge number of factories and mines. Consequently there was a great deal of air-pollution due to the factories. The smog from the factories pollution was common in winter and big cities like London and Manchester had smog clouds in winter. Smog clouds were so thick you could barely see twenty yards in front of yourself. The ideas of Charles Darwin and Karl Marx were still very new in 1895. Darwin in his book "Origin of Species" had argued that mankind had evolved for over thousand of years. Darwin thought that we were once prime apes (monkeys) but had, through coping with challenging situations evolved into present day homo sapiens (humans). Many people believed that Darwin's book was an attack on the tale of Adam and Eve. However to many others Darwin's book was the most logical explanation for our existence. Marx in "The Communist Manifesto" had predicted a future world in which everyone would live in communes. He states that workers would rebel against their masters. Once they had don e that they would run factories and the nation together. Other ideas of Marx were that nobody would marry, people would just go with who ever they wanted, and that there would be no religion. When he sat down to write "The Time Machine", H.G. Wells was looking at the Engl... ... middle of paper ... ...ple paedophiles and murderers. Most chat rooms have a moderator who is employed to make sure people don't give out their full name, their address, or their phone number. The trouble is that there are so many chats going at once the moderators can't see everyone's conversations. Another way people abuse the Internet is by sitting at their PC's and robbing people. They do this by hacking into your computer and looking at credit card numbers, social security numbers and other personal details that can be used against you. More worryingly than the others is the fact that some children would rather sit a computer than go outside and exercise this could lead to overweight children and even obesity. Also children, or anyone can get headaches off sitting at a computer for too long, these headaches could develop into migraines.

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