Gwendolen Insincere

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Sometimes, people may not be the best in character, and their values may be superficial in nature. Although this may be the case, these people may have a reason for their questionable character. These people may have been treated poorly before, or their influences make them poor characters. Such is Gwendolen Fairfax in Oscar Wilde’s play, The Importance of Being Ernest. To the audience, she may seem to be someone shallow, dishonest, or even insincere. The audience is most likely correct, although if one pays attention, one may realize the reason why Gwendolen has such a character. Throughout the play, Wilde shows how Gwendolen’s trivial and insincere character is influenced by her mother and the people around her, as well as the result of …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how oscar wilde shows how gwendolen fairfax's trivial and insincere character is influenced by her mother and the people around her.
  • Analyzes how gwendolen and lady bracknell grow up to be dramatic and superficial, since her mother only cares about the money of who her family marries.
  • Analyzes how gwendolen's dishonesty and insincerity are influenced by the people around her.
  • Analyzes how lady bracknell's negligence towards gwendolen’s opinions becomes an influence towards her trivial character.
  • Analyzes how gwendolen becomes insincere towards cecily when she sees the other as a threat to her relationship with ernest.
  • Analyzes how gwendolen's insincerity is caused by the people around her, as well as the insecurity she feels.

She only becomes insincere towards Cecily when she sees the other as a threat to her relationship with Ernest. Although being insincere to someone is not the best decision, Gwendolen uses it to cover up her insecurity. When she finds out that Cecily is Mr Worthing’s ward, she tells the younger girl, “Disloyalty would be as impossible to [Ernest] as deception. But even men of the noblest possible moral character are extremely susceptible to the influence of the physical charm of others” (163). Gwendolen expresses to Cecily how she wished the other was older and uglier, making the chances of Ernest being attracted towards her decrease. Gwendolen is a lady of appearance, and she is confident of her own, but she is still insecure towards Cecily. Because of this, she becomes rude towards Cecily. Yet, however, Cecily explains to Gwendolen that Ernest Worthing is not her guardian, but Jack is. In response to this, Gwendolen shows her relief by telling Cecily, “You have lifted a load from my mind. I was growing almost anxious” (163). Here, Gwendolen admits that Cecily made her anxious about her relationship with Ernest; she relaxes once she finds out that Ernest most likely has not met Cecily if that is the case. With this, the audience sees how her insecurity causes her insincerity towards Cecily, and how much she cares about her relationship with

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