Guru Nanak, the Apostle of Humanity 1469--1539

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Guru Nanak, the Apostle of Humanity


A turmoil was enveloping the Indian scene in the fifteenth century

A.D. The political domain was in the grip of a pandemonium; the Pathan

and the Mughal rulers were at daggers drawn and the poor populace was

constantly trampled over. The impersonators and imposters were

plundering the realm of religion. The caste discrimination was tearing

off the social set up and brotherhood. The womanhood was brutally

subjugated. Health, wealth and honour, all had become defenseless.

Such was the predicament at the advent of Guru Nanak, the first

Supreme preceptor of the Sikh Religion. He was born in the house of a

revenue official, Mehta Kalu, in the year 1469 at Talwandi, in

District Sheikhupura (now in Pakistan).

Nearly first thirty years of his life Guru Nanak minutely studied and

experienced himself with all the temporal aspects of the human life.

On full moon day in the month of Kartrik in the year 1469, he emerged

from his contemplative trance, and declared the real purpose of his

manifestation into the mundane world. His first message to mankind

echoed the Universal Brotherhood, "Na koi Hindu, na koi Musalman."

To reform a society and to re-instill in it the human values, a

reformist needs courage to expose the exploiters. Guru Nanak was not

only endowed with Godly vision but also with the fortitude to speak

against the societal atrocities committed by the ruling elite, and the

corrupt implementations conducted under the garb of religion. He

narrated such inhuman offenses fearlessly:

* Modesty and righteousness both have vanished, and falsehood moves

about as the leader, O, Lal...

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...eeps on going.

When one's wife dies, another lady is sought for. It is through a

woman that man restrains his passion.

Why call her bad, from whom are born Kings?

From a woman, a woman is born.

Without a woman, there can be none.

Guru Nanak was the voice of the oppressed and meek, and by hearing his

Word (Bani) people were endowed with solace and expectation. The Bani

equally discharged the strong warning shots to the mammons, tyrants

and persecutors. Wherever the celestial mission of Guru Nanak

prevailed the people proclaimed without any discrimination:

"With the manifestation of Guru Nanak,

The Earthly wilderness and Temporal mist were lifted,

And the celestial rays enlightened through the mankind."

(Bhai Gurdas.)

*Gurbani Quotations from the author's book,

"Thus Sayeth Gurbani."

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