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Gunslingers The wall beside Gerard exploded as a high velocity bullet struck the already heavily battered bricks and sent them shattering outwards in a spray of red shards. Gerard stood still, one hand casually flicking the ignition wheel on his lighter. As he lit the end of his cigarette, another volley of bullets stuck the wall behind which he was hiding. Bullet holes riddled it like holes in a Swiss cheese, and the cover was becoming steadily more useless. He took a puff and tucked the black lighter back into the pocket of his trench coat. He put two fingers to the cigarette and removed it from his lips to breath out the slow stream of smoke whilst his opponent continued to waste his bullets and his time shooting aimlessly at Gerard. A row of bullets riddled the wall five feet to his right and he called out, “Hey, nearly got me that time.” In a mocking voice. His enemy muttered a curse and Gerard heard the sound of footsteps approaching. The cowardly bastard had called for backup. Oh well, the more the merrier. A fresh stream of shots, this time from a multi-barreled rotary cannon spat out along Gerard’s cover. He watched with casual indifference as the red brick wall slowly disintegrated around him, slowly reducing his cover to just the tiny section of masonry that he hid behind. There was an ominous silence broken only by the sudden thump as an entire section of wall collapsed to the ground. Gerard heard the sound of one of his adversaries reloading their weapon. He dropped the cigarette on the ground and stamped it out with his boot. He reached within his trench coat and withdrew a shining silver revolver. He slowly and almost carelessly loaded one shot after another into the weapon, occasionally jerking his head to one side as a stray bullet clipped the edge of the wall. As he placed the last shot in the ancient weapon he spun the wheel and gripped the handle. He then paused for a moment until his opponent’s clip ran dry again and he heard the sound of the rotary cannon being loaded again. Gerard took one step to the left and with barely a glance calculated exactly how far his opponents were from him. In the same fluid motion as he completely removed himself from cover, he leveled the revolver at the two enforcers across the deserted plaza from him and squeezed the trigger.
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