Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People

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Every year, all across America, guns cross the hands of various members of our society. Guns are legally put to use for the military, the police force, SWAT teams, or even hunters. When it is the military, police force or SWAT teams using guns, they are well-trained in their proper use and make responsible decisions that save lives. In extreme cases, guns are used illegally by large numbers of gangs, drug dealers, juvenile offenders, or other forms of criminals. These people do not obtain guns with the greater good of others in mind, they do so to benefit themselves. They are not properly trained in how to use guns and often times, make decisions that injure or kill the people around them. For these reasons, there are many mixed feelings about guns. Some groups, such as the National Rifle Association, believe everyone should be able to own guns and there should be little guidelines because of the benefits of guns. Others, such as the Brady Center, believe there should be greater rules regulating the use of guns. For the Brady Center, gun control would mean requiring Brady criminal background checks on all gun sales, banning military-style assault weapons and strengthening law enforcement’s efforts to stop the illegal gun market (Brady Campaign). Although the National Rifle Association believes guns help lower crime rates and provide a means of safety to many Americans, they are actually contributing to the statistics of death and injuries, therefore raising crime rates and proving unsafe for many Americans if not regulated properly. Of course, the National Rifle Association and various other groups would beg to differ. The NRA argues in defense of everything guns. This association does not want there to be any regulations on... ... middle of paper ... ...d logos for this paper because it is a good balance between the two. Too much of one or the other would not have helped me to persuade my opposing audience, it would have pushed them away instead. This way, I manage to appeal to their emotions in a logical manner that is scientifically backed up with statistics. Works Cited: “About Us.” Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. 18 Oct. 2009. “Right-to-Carry.” NRA-ILA. 18 Oct. 2009. Jerry Adams. “Handgun Control Debate”. 6 October 2009. Resource Book. Firearm Injury in the US. University of Pennsylvania: 2009. 1-32. Print. “Guns- Injuries and Fatalities- Firearm Fatalities” 10 October 2009.

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