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Today in society guns are one of the most debated issues. President Obama is even trying to push new legislation for there to be gun laws. However President Obama is wrong by trying to push for new carrying laws on guns. Obama and people who share his belief believe that guns are the problem but they are not. In contrast it is the people with guns are the ones who carry out these horrible atrocities under these circumstances there should be stricter background checks on guns. Everyone should own guns because it is a constitutional right to own a gun and people need it for protection and for some people even for food.

Guns are essential in society today for a few reasons. They are essential today because it is a constitutional right to own a gun. The U.S. constitution was passed in the late 1700’s and since has operated as one of the founding principles of our government. Once the constitution was ratified there is something called the bill of rights added on to the Constitution. They are added on to the constitution as amendments. So, since amendments are part of the constitution they should be observed. The second amendment to the constitution says, “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”(website 1). This means everyone has the right to OWN and posses a gun and the right to own a gun CAN’T BE TAKEN AWAY. People can’t possibly take away the right to own a gun because it is part of the constitution and that is one of the founding principles of our government. Some people may say this is pointless because times are different from when the laws were made but laws are laws rights are rights and they can’t be taken away. Another reason guns are necessary is for protection. People are eligible to own gun...

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...nd not the wrong people's hands.

Guns still remain a major issue in today’s society. People forget what America was founded on and they still can’t change it. People still go back to some of the constitutions principles like free speech and not guns. How in the world could you choose to observe one law and not the other? This is the problem. People need guns for safety food and even sport. Background checks will keep guns in the right hands. Guns were always and still necessary in society.

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