Gun Violence And The Civil War

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Bam! Bam! Bam! Guns are everywhere in the US. It can be in a strictly enforced federal gun store, or a private dealer selling guns left and right. Through anguish and pain, many Americans are suffering through the overuse of guns. This can be through either by losing a loved one, or being permanently impaired, mentally and/or physically for life (as many innocent Americans are victims of Gun Violence). Every year, we lose thousands of lives (many of them people under eighteen) due to gun violence. Last year, the death toll in the U.S. was over 33,000. Come to think of it, that is two times more than the population Basking Ridge! Hypothetically, we lose two towns every year. This is also about ten times the lives lost in 9/11. The US loses more lives from gun violence than in terrorism in which the military is trying so hard to get rid of. The real problem is gun violence and the “inability” to make the laws more strict is compelling. Examples from other countries show stricter gun laws lower the gun death toll and there are even countries (such as Australia) completely eliminating gun violence (no mass shootings). That prospect sounds appealing, right? A successful and wealthy country like the US should be able to meet any goal. Stricter and more gun control laws are a must! Although, guns may be seen as a weapon of defense, it is obligatory and imperative to control gun-usage because guns escalate violence, influence a high death rate, and cost the country billions because of the medical costs for people who were the victims of gun violence (and multiple other reasons). Without sufficient gun control laws, the death rate in the United States is incredibly high. Gun violence in the United States results in thousands of de... ... middle of paper ... ...violence, influence a high death rate, and costs the US a big bill to help the victims. Obviously, we can see that gun control laws are a must. Guns were and are made for one purpose and they are used for ill-purposes. There is nothing civilized and proper in owning a gun, much less kid guns and gun control laws, as we can see, is just as important as any other law. My opinion is that as American citizens, it takes much more than a license to have a gun such as the ability of self-control, your emotions, maturity, and these are all things in which a person cannot be licensed for. Many times, guns are used against someone we closely know, such as family or friends, and very rarely, we actually use it to stop an intruder or to save a life and this is usually, and hopefully, and fortunately the main reason anyone would want to buy a gun. But, by then, it is too late.

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