Gun Violence And Gun Control Laws

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Introduction Gun violence refers to any form of violence committed with the use of a gun. Currently, two forms of gun violence. It may be considered criminal or non-criminal. Criminal gun violence is associated with suicide, homicide, assault with a deadly weapon and attempted suicide. Non-criminal forms include attempted or unintentional injury to an individual. Gun violence is predominant in most states across the world due to laws enacted by different societies. In some countries such as the United States, such laws are enacted in their constitution as a right for all individuals in the society. According to most gun policies across the world, more than seventy percent of all guns across different countries are owned by different civilians. The number of guns present in a given location will vary depending on geographical state. However, one issue that has raised numerous concerns in the society is the presence of gun control laws that permit people to have licensed firearms in the society. It is true that people will only engage in gun violence once they have access to guns. Therefore, it can be argued that there is a direct relationship between having guns and engaging in gun violence. This puts into account both criminal and non criminal forms of gun violence in the society. Most countries have established laws that are supposed to establish the framework through which an individual is able to access guns. However, there have been major loopholes in the system that has changed the once important role of guns into society. Instead of protecting individuals guns have increased numerous cases associated with gun violence and as a result failed in their function. Therefore gun violence can be attributed to numerous loophole or... ... middle of paper ... ..., the same guns that are supposed to protect individuals have been used in different cases to commit crime and other acts of felony not acceptable in the society. Some of the legally acquired firearms have been used in numerous criminal activities while some have been directly used to commit suicide or homicide which goes against the laws that had been set up to control gun related activities. To address such an issue, it becomes important to review all laws that regulate the issuance of guns to different members of the society. As they are currently formulated, the laws do not reduce the risk of gun violence among societies and as a result putting guns in the hands of more people is being associated with more violence in the community. Therefore, the best option would be to formulate new laws that strengthen all loopholes that currently exist in the present system.

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