Gun, Schools, And Mental Illness

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Since the recent three mass shootings were all caused by psychopath, I started to concern about gun control and what is an effective way to improve the safety of people. According to the research, I realized that there should be a policy to make stricter gun control with psychopath and the library subscriptions are potent and useful. I will state my background initially with the three recent mass shootings. Next, I will present other people’s viewpoint about the relationship between mental illness and gun violence, and why my own point is that there should have a stricter gun control of psychopath. Finally, I will state that what I discovered and learned during the process of researching and then conclude. I began to recognize that there is a relationship between mental illness and gun violence when I read about Ryan Hall’s article “Guns, Schools, and Mental illness”. In this year earlier, my friend witnessed a gun shooting during the winter vacation. From that time, I started to pay attention to read some articles about gun violence. I noticed that gun violence was common in the US, and there is still no appropriate policy to prevent people died from those crimes. But I did not found out that a large proportion of mass shootings were caused by people who have mental illness until I read Hall’s article. There were three recent mass shootings and all of them were caused by people who showed mental illness when they were in college. At that time, I start thinking that if there is certain relationship between the mental illness and gun violence, and try to figure out if it will be meaningful to have stricter gun control with psychopath. Based on the large-scale studies, we determined that there is a certain connection between the ... ... middle of paper ... the author, but also includes the statistics and charts. The statistical data are convincing and potent, and there are plenty of examples relevant to my topic. In a short, the useful of library resources exceeds my expectation and the information is sufficient which helped me a lot. In conclusion, I provided my statement that it should have stricter gun control for psychopath based on the sufficient and convincible library resources. First, I briefly introduced my question and the reason why I choose it. Then I started the research from the background information, and represented a synopsis of the standpoints from other people. Next I stated my own point that it should have stricter gun control for people who have mental illness. In addition, I discussed the process of searching for answers, described my learning experience, and presented what I actually learned.
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