Gun Regulations: Gun Laws Have Changed Dramatically

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From the dawn of the United States the government has created laws regulating firearm ownership. These regulations address everyone from gun sellers to owners and are constantly changing. In 1791, The Bill of Rights of the Constitution was ratified to ensure the protection of the American people’s rights. The Second Amendment addressed the right to bare arms. “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” (1). The founding fathers of the United States created this Amendment to insure the militia power, to insure a means of self defense for the citizen, and to provide power to the people to repel foreign invasion. During this time, every adult male was socially expected to know how to operate a gun. Men were greatly encouraged to practice shooting their firearms in case they would ever need to protect their homes, their communities, or their country. If there were a need for a militia to be assembled, the state did not want that time to be a militia man’s first encounter with a firearm. Gun laws have changed dramatically within the past hundred years. However, in the early years of America gun laws were not necessary. British soldiers were the majority of gun owners. Firearms were expensive to manufacture and purchase, so only the wealthy could afford them. After the American Revolution, the American people and their newly-formed government wanted to ensure that citizens could defend themselves from attack or an unfair government. For many years, this worked as most of the nation lived in rural areas and used firearms to provide food and to protect the family from danger. With the increase of urban living, in the twentieth cent... ... middle of paper ... ...e children are curious. They see guns in video games and on television, but they do not realize the permanent damage a gun can cause. It is important for children to know how to operate a firearm if there is one in the home, but when should they be introduced? In a survey performed by Aegis Academy, ages three to five was the most popular answer. Obviously a three year old should not hold a gun alone. However, if the child grows up familiar with guns, he or she will be less curious. The Child Access Prevention (CAP) law was passed in the hope of decreasing or eliminating the number of accidental shootings in homes by children. CAP law holds the parent responsible if a child obtains an improperly stored firearm and fires it. In conclusion, no matter what laws congress passes the responsibility of the use or misuse of the fire arm ultimately belongs to the owner.

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