Gun Malfunctions in the Military

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Our group was really just disagreeing on which topic to go with. On that first day Alberto and I went with the topic over gun malfunctions in the military, while the two girls in our group went with the one that involved crime scene photos. After the group discussion on Friday I talked to Alberto and he said that he was still going to do the gun malfunctions in the military, so I was still going to do it too. The girls thought that it would be too hard to find anything about it and they just honestly didn’t even want to try. So once again I was in a group in which no one could agree or even get anywhere with the discussion.
I believe that malfunctions should be reported publicly. If the government is so scared of the enemy getting a hold of this information about them malfunctioning then I believe that they should do something about it instead of just complaining. I really didn’t realize how many people have complained about their gun malfunctioning during war until now. In Vietnam it was recorded that roughly 80% of soldier’s guns malfunctioned on them in the heat of the battle. This could be a major problem because in Iraq it was even worse than this.
These malfunctions could mean life and death for soldiers’. The malfunctions are not only a cartridge jamming, but overheating, and getting san and dust in them. I think that the media should be able to report this. We as Americans should be allowed to know what is happening in war. Mothers want to know why their babies are dying, and it’s their right to know.
It could even spark someone else’s interest to help further the technology to prevent these malfunctions if it is advertised by media. Or if the government really doesn’t want it out then they can always switch the weapons thy use and then the enemy wouldn’t know that you switched weapons.
I honestly don’t believe that the enemy can really do anything with the information about these malfunctions but further their own technology, but at the same time America should be trying to further its own. So the Government should want to have these malfunctions on the media. Maybe they should make an article themselves about how they need bright young minds to help them create better weapons and also help the soldiers stay protected.

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