Gun Legalization

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Warfare is what led to the creation and manufacturing of firearms all over the world. Firearms made war less savage and protected soldiers in battle without them needing to even get close to their enemy. In today’s society, guns have reached far passed strictly being used in warfare, being used to murder, steal, and threaten. People are terrified now more than ever because of guns falling into the wrong hands. Although guns have many cons, they have many advantages to back them up in recent protests against them.

To begin with the more positive side of things, guns have been necessary for acquiring food for centuries. Without firearms, hunting big game animal’s single handedly would be almost impossible. Nowadays hunting has turned into more of a sport than anything but in the frontier of Alaska firearms are all they have to acquire food and protect themselves. To take away firearms for those people would be simply stealing their live from them, unable to survive, and they would probably die within weeks.

There are approximately 300 million privately-owned guns in America which eliminates the chance of the government issuing a mass buyback of any type of firearm. This would be similar to an Australian buyback of all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns. The Australian government spent around 500 million dollars buying back over 600,000 guns from helpless owners. Imagine that kind of seizure on firearms in a country with 10x the amount of firearms in it, it simply just could not be done.

One of the biggest gun control arguments out there is that firearms make it easy for criminals to do as they desire. One thing must be understood above all of these things, it ...

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...l continue to provide for families for a long time to come.

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