Gun Laws in America

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Guns are recurrent in the news, as more and more cases of tragic public shootings and school massacres are being reported. These weapons separate the United States of America into those who own these unnecessary weapons and those who are vulnerable to this twisted society. Organisations like the National Rifle Association, or the NRA, support these easily preventable butcherings because they believe it is a ‘right’ to bear arms. But is it? Guns make America an unsafe country, with most individuals living in fear. The original reason guns were available to American citizens, for protection, no longer stands. They cause many preventable incidents; guns being available in homes affect children across the nation. Liberty Technology Magnet High School. Berrendo Middle School. Delaware Valley Charter School. Three school shootings in less than a month; surely there is something amiss with this number. This list of schools, which have all been the site of unbelievable massacres of innocent children, goes on and on. Guns are the reason so many of these bloody incidents happen. Guns do not make the USA a safer country, as they are supposed to. American doctors have compared the rate of deaths related to guns in countries where owning a gun is legal with the same rate of deaths in countries where owning a gun is illegal. They have found that countries like America, where citizens have the right to bear arms, had 10.2 per 100,000 gun-related deaths. Countries like the UK, where this is illegal, had low gun-related deaths of 0.25 per 100,000. This shows there is a direct correlation between the amount of people who have lost their lives to guns and the legal status of guns. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only problem with such atrocit... ... middle of paper ... 2014] 5. Reuters, 2014. ‘Gun access tied to greater suicide, murder risk: study’. [online] Available at: [accessed 21st January 2014] 6. The Guardian, 2012. ‘Gun homicides and gun ownership listed by country’. [online] Available at: [accessed 19th March 2014] 7. The New York Times, 2013. ‘Children and Guns: The Hidden Toll’. [online] Available at: [accessed 21st January 2014] 8. The Guardian, 2013. ‘Top 10 things you missed at the National Rifle Association convention’ [online] Available at: [accessed 20th March 2014]
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