Gun Laws Vs The Wrong People

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Desmund Stanley Professor Williams November 18, 2014 English 111 Gun Laws vs The Wrong People Born in a small town just inside of Virginia, Austin Cloyd, a Virginia Tech freshman, hoped to foster peace in the troubled world by working for the United Nations. Although she wanted peace in the world, on April 16, 2007, Cloyd was one of the thirty-two people gunned down at Virginia Tech University. The shooter of this mass murder, a student who was believed to have autism but was never diagnosed, took his life as well as the thirty-two others. Twenty-three others were also injured during this rampage. The killing spree has created a question: What can be done to prevent such misfortunes? People with mental illnesses like the Virginia Tech shooter, should be evaluated deeply before purchasing a gun or even being able to use it. By creating stricter gun controls laws, it can be enforced to help cut down on mass murders and such traumas. When mass shooting sprees take place, the National Rifle Association (NRA) is often looked at as the cause of the blame but in reality, it’s not. The blame can be placed upon those with mental health issue who misuse guns. According to the 2nd amendment in the U.S. Constitution, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” ("The Constitution of the United States," Amendment 2) The 2nd amendment applies to all citizens including people with mental health illnesses. People with mental health illnesses are just as much human as a person without mental issues so they should not be denied the right to own a gun. By having stricter gun control laws, these people are not denied their rights to bear arms b... ... middle of paper ... ...h recently may want to shoot theirs so they may have to go buy some ammunition for it. This sends the sales up for gun manufactures and everybody can benefit from the situation. In conclusion, stricter gun laws should be created to be more beneficial to everybody. Gun manufactures gain money from it and the laws should cut down on the gun disasters, everybody wins! Guns are often looked at to be a problem but it’s the wrong people with them that creates the problem. Keeping guns out of the wrong people hands could save your life and or someone else’s life. Austin Cloyd was just a young girl going to college who was hoping for better in the world but was sadly murdered in the Virginia Tech shooting due to the wrong person with a gun. Let’s keep her memory alive and honor her by passing for stricter and improved guns laws and creating improved mental health awareness.
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