Gun Laws And The Misuse Of The Weapon

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With c Despite certain consequences, there are strict gun laws to prevent the misuse of the weapon. Several reasons for a need for gun are self-defense or the use of hunting, etc. What may start as good intentions could be used in a means of chaos and havoc. Often people who result to violence use their gun as source of power and security. In a scenario where someone is being threaten in a life or death situation, if a gun is present, the owner of the gun has a sense of security. The owner might trigger the gun or threaten someone with it, but not fire it. People use the firearm to also threaten others of the amount of “power” the firearm holds. This also can be said the same when criminals have access to firearms. As stated by The American Medical Association Council on Scientific Affairs, “Robber with guns are less likely to assault their victims than those armed with other weapons. Weak assailants are more apt to use guns when their intended victims are stronger than they are”. Unknowingly, this also starts off chain reactions of safety and power. If the assailants have knowledge of their victim having a gun, they will come prepared. As stated the American Medical Association Council on Scientific affairs, “one argument is that if homeowner did shoot and kill some burglars and robbers, one could infer that robbers might perceive an armed victim as a threat and avoid him or her… however. Both burglars and robbers would be more likely to carry guns if they expected their victims to be armed”. Overall, the correlation of fear and safety comes back to presences of guns. By having position of a gun, one is also in position of power that is often times too great for a person to have. Several States in the US have their own regula... ... middle of paper ... ... in the process. On the other side of the augment, by not arming more people, it can prevent gun related incidents and massacre. For example in May 10th of 2011 A man was seen by police “who police say used his children as a shield while open fire on another man…” (Balingit pg.1). Citizens, who have access to a gun, sue their gun for either protection or threats. In the scenario the man used his own children as way to protect himself and use his children as a way to throw off others from stopping him. An untrained gun handler might not know how to react to this situation and might end up doing more harm than good. A scenario similar of this nature could be emulated putting more people or children at risk if an untrained person were to misfire. By getting rid of position of the guns or not allowing citizens to conceal a weapon, a scenario like these would not occur.

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