Gun Don 't Die, People Do

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Guns don’t die. People do. The Second Amendment was established in 1791(Goforth). This amendment made it legal for citizens to possess arms legally. At the time, this was a great idea but as America has matured and grown with various experiences, both positive and negative, involving guns; now this amendment is no longer unanimously accepted. Understanding that the government has established all of the rules by which the people are governed and the people make up the government, we are unsure of how beneficial the right to bear arms. The controversy is basically someone’s right to own guns legally versus someone else 's right to safety and overall wellbeing. The turning point is the ratification of the Second Amendment and the consistent questioning of society 's overall acceptance of the amendment, i.e. Gun Control. Gun Violence has plagued humans ever since guns were introduced to society. Guns can provide a sense of power for someone who needs strength. Guns can be used by even the strong to obtain whatsoever they desire. These weapons can also be used to hurt for no apparent reason. So far we can simply say that guns are bad. Or can we? Guns are used by the military and police to protect and serve. Those forces are government issued so our government believes that we need guns. Before one can complain about the government you must remember that Americans have the option to speak up in the democracy that governs us. If one does so that is personally up to you, and we dare not tell you how to feel politically. With all of this being brought to attention, I will now bring forth a question. Do you support or deny the right to bear arms? As stated earlier, we are a part of a democracy. That is a fact that holds true but have we b... ... middle of paper ... ...a time when the police were not so wide spread as it is today. We no longer live in the 18th century, so we should stop living by the rules of the 18th century. A gun was created for one thing, not to protect, not to deter, but to kill; that is their only purpose and they are dangerous killing machines that should be banned. Supporters of guns say they need guns for protection, but they are usually trying to protect themselves against other people with guns. If guns were banned, they wouldn 't need guns to protect themselves. America 's obsession with guns is little more than paranoia and a fear of change, and while some individuals may offer compelling arguments of why the law should stay, it 's undeniable that a majority is simply afraid of change. The NRA is right when they say, “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” However, “Guns don’t die. People do”.
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